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If you feel as if your lips are too thin and would like to make them fuller and more conventionally attractive, Lip Fillers in Boston at the practice of Vickram Tandon, MD could be a great solution for you! Please keep reading below to decide if this is the right treatment for your needs.

What Are Lip Fillers?

Lip Filler is a non-surgical treatment option that improves the appearance and volume of your lips using hyaluronic acid (HA). This synthetic dermal filler mimics a substance that is naturally produced by your body to help your skin stretch and flex, while at the same time, preventing wrinkles and fine lines. When injected into your lips, the synthetic HA filler gives your lips a fuller and more plump appearance.

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What Are The Benefits of Lip fillers?

Lip Fillers in Boston can provide optimal results for patients looking to enhance their lips and achieve a more attractive look. Some of the benefits we have seen from this treatment include:


  • Increased Lip volume and shape
  • Non-surgical
  • Quick and painless
  • Results aren’t permanent, lasting about 6 months
  • Smoothes out fine lines and wrinkles
  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Treatment is customizable to meet your aesthetic goals

Who Are The Best Candidates For Lip Fillers?

The ideal candidates for Lip Fillers in Boston will have thin lips that detract from their regular appearance or those who desire fuller, plump lips. In general, you may be a good candidate for Lip Fillers if:


  • Are committed to good skin health
  • Currently don’t have chronic cold sores
  • Don’t have any blood diseases
  • Have realistic expectations about the results
  • Overall good physical health
  • Lips are asymmetrical
  • Maintain a positive outlook with realistic expectations
  • Non-smoker

What To Expect On The Day Of Lip Fillers?

When it’s time for your Lip Filler treatment, you can expect a comfortable and efficient experience. We will apply a topical numbing cream or a local anesthetic to your lips so you will be comfortable during the procedure.


Once your lips are adequately numbed, Dr. Tandon will carefully administer the chosen Lip Filler injections. His skill, experience, and artistic eye will ensure that the injections are precise and the filler is distributed evenly to give you a beautifully enhanced appearance.


The entire process is veryquick and you can expect to see immediate results.

What's the first step?

If you’re looking into fuller and poutier lips in Boston, your first step is to schedule a Lip Fillers consultation at the clinical practice of Vickram Tandon, MD. When you come in for your appointment with either Dr. Tandon, you will be able to ask all of your questions related to the treatment and have a better understanding of how it works. He will evaluate your lips and ask you questions about your medical history. It is important to be open and honest when discussing these matters with Dr. Tandon, as it helps him avoid any unnecessary risks or complications.


After the two of you decide on the appropriate lip filler and the direction of your treatment, Dr. Tandon will create your treatment plan. When you are happy with the plan, you will be able to receive your treatment immediately after your consultation, or if you’d prefer a different time, our Patient Coordinator will be able to help you set up your appointment.

Lip Fillers Recovery

After your Lip Filler treatment, you will be provided with an ice pack to gently apply to the treated area to reduce some of the swelling and discomfort. You may also be advised to avoid certain activities, such as drinking alcohol or vigorous exercise, for a short period of time after the treatment. Overall, the Lip Filler procedure is quick, easy, and relatively painless, and you should be able to resume your normal activities immediately after the procedure is done.

How Much Does Lip Fillers Cost In Boston, MA

The cost of Boston Lip Fillers can vary depending on several factors, including the type of filler used and the amount of filler required. It is best to schedule a consultation with Dr. Tandon to discuss your specific goals and receive a personalized treatment plan. Our Patient Coordinator will then be able to provide you with detailed pricing information based on your plan.

Why Choose Dr. Tandon?

Dr. Vickram Tandon is a skilled plastic surgeon who has dedicated his career to helping patients enhance their appearance and improve their self-confidence. After attending Brown University and achieving his medical degree, he went on to participate in a prestigious year-long fellowship program in Aesthetic Surgery through Harvard Plastic Surgery, honing his skills by training with surgeons throughout Boston. Dr. Tandon has become known for his compassionate and caring approach to patient care, and his carefully selected team strives to emulate that with each and every patient. We will take the time to listen to your goals and concerns, and then work closely with you to create a personalized treatment plan that achieves the desired results.


Most patients find Lip Fillers to be generally tolerable with minimal discomfort. Before the procedure, a topical numbing cream or a local anesthetic may be applied to the treatment area to minimize any potential discomfort. Additionally, many of our Lip Fillers contain a numbing agent to further enhance comfort during the injection process.


While some individuals may experience mild sensitivity or temporary swelling after the procedure, any discomfort is typically quick and manageable.

The number of appointments needed for Lip Filler is based on the desired results of your lips, however, most patients only require one appointment to achieve the desired fullness. During your consultation, you can discuss the possibilities of what can be achieved for your lips with more appointments, as well as learn about future touch-up appointments.

You may see some immediate results after the Lip Filler injections, but the full effect of the treatment will be visible after a few days when any swelling or bruising has subsided. Generally, the results of Lip Fillers from Vickram Tandon, MD will last between 6 and 12 months. It’s important to follow the aftercare instructions provided by your injector to ensure the best results and longevity of the treatment.

Many of our Boston Lip Filler patients will choose to combine their treatments with other skin rejuvenation or injectable procedures for a complete, harmonious look. Whether you are interested in combining Lip Fillers with other Dermal Fillers or surgical treatments like Rhinoplasty, we are committed to helping you achieve your aesthetic goals. No matter what you are looking to achieve, please mention your interest to Dr. Tandon during your consultation and he will offer his expert suggestions.

As safe as Lip Filler procedures are, there are some potential side effects that every patient should be aware of, which can include, but are not limited to:


  • Dizzyness
  • Filler migration (the lip filler may bleed into other areas of your face, usually toward the nose)
  • Infection
  • Nausea
  • Tissue death (a.k.a. vascular compromise, which can occur if lip filler is injected into or around an artery)
  • Your lips may be of different sizes (asymmetry)
  • Bleeding and pain at the injection sites
  • Cold sore reactivation
  • Discoloration or tenderness


Please contact our office immediately if you are experiencing any of these symptoms.

Dr. Tandon Understood What I Wanted

I saw Dr. Tandon for Botox and lip filler and couldn’t be happier with my results. I was looking for a skilled doctor who would give me a natural look, and Dr. Tandon understood exactly what I wanted. He took a lot of care and time with my consult, it’s very clear that he cares so much about the quality of his work. I was also happily surprised that procedure was practically painless. I highly recommend working with Dr. Tandon!

I Highly Recommended Him

Dr. Tandon was truly one of the most personable and professionals doctors I hvae been treated by! He took the time to carefully understand the procedure I wanted and what I felt my problem areas are, then adjusted to address those. He both asked insightful questions to understand my needs and answered all my questions with patience to make me feel comfortable and confident. My results demonstrated all of that care and I could not be more pleased. I highly recommend him!

I Am Very Pleased With My Results

Dr. Tandon is a compassionate, personable and highly skilled plastic surgeon. irecently had an appointment with Dr. Tandon to get Botox.

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